It is All a Lie, You Will Not Make Money Stuffing Envelopes   

Work Stuffing Envelopes

Is there any money to be made by stuffing Envelopes?

Can you Work Stuffing Envelopes at Home and make a LOT of Money?

Is this a Legit Get Rich Work from Home Business?

  Work Stuffing Envelopes: Scam or Legitimate Home Business?

First of all, it is an attractive opportunity for making money. I mean, who doesn't want to sit in the comfort of their home and make money by doing literally nothing. All the money and no effort. If Only Life Were That Simple. 

To begin, these scams hook you in by demonstrating the money you could make by stuffing envelopes for companies and then posting them to pre-printed addresses. The table below usually entices people to make the small investment:

Work Stuffing Envelopes

Stuff 5 Envelopes per Week = $50

Work Stuffing Envelopes

Stuff 10 Envelopes per Week = $100

Work Stuffing Envelopes

Stuff 20 Envelopes per Week = $200

Work Stuffing Envelopes

Stuff 30 Envelopes per Week = $300

Work Stuffing Envelopes

Stuff 50 Envelopes per Week = $500

Work Stuffing Envelopes

Stuff 100 Envelopes per Week = $1000

Work Stuffing Envelopes

Stuff 500 Envelopes per Week = $5000






It is attractive isn't it, I was nearly sucked into this myself in previous years. When I first started to see the potential on the internet, you fall for these money making scams, then after a year or two, you finally realise that you can make money on the internet, as in $1000's of dollars if you learn and develop, but just not the way it is advertised in 99% of Internet sites.

The Truth

Envelope stuffing has been around on the internet since 1997 (shows how well the scam works). The reason being, many people first starting out see it as a perfect income opportunity and jump on board. Another reason, the scam only sells for like $5 per person, meaning the consumer doesn't need to think twice, does no further research and straight away, sees themselves making money from home and becoming rich. 

The common Work from Home Stuffing Envelopes Scenario:

stuffing envelope at homeYou come across an ad on the internet about how to work from home and make lots of easy money. Starting out, this is exactly what you are looking for, and you in return are exactly who these scammers are targeting.

You read that you can make a certain amount of dollars for every envelope you stuff, every week and at your own pace. Your the boss. To get into this program, they charge you a small fee of $5 - $25 do earn their trust, and to ensure them that you are serious about creating your own little money making business at home.

This is cheap, you read the ad more than once to make sure you haven't missed anything, because the money is so low, you dive in and don't think twice.

You wait for the little package, and when it arrives, your stuffing like crazy (and this is if it definitely arrives, sometimes the package doesn't even bother to get posted). Later on in the day, after the excitement of making $1000's of dollars from home a day fades and reality sets in, you read the small print, from which the anger will start to build up. The small print states that you will only make money if you get another person to fall for the same scam you did.

So after all, you will only get paid if someone else falls for it also, after this poor attempt of making a home based money making business, what if you do get a sale? How will that be tracked back to you? Who is your boss? Nobody?

What are we forgetting? Oh yes, the $400 worth of Stamps Required.

Realisation kicks in and you throw it all out in frustration, How Annoying.

However, you can make money this way, just not the way you thought it was. People are doing it everyday, hence you have heard about it, hence, why you are reading this website.

There are many variations of this envelope stuffing scam and many other similar scams like it everywhere, meaning, they can make money, but I would feel more comfortable making money in a way that is guaranteed and legit as this method is against the law.

Other Money Making Scams On the Internet

Pyramid schemes, promise instant and consistent money for people who join under you, forever, again, I almost fell for this one also, sounded awesome and legit.

Matrix schemes, Another fancy word for Pyramid Schemes.

There are real ways to Make MONEY on the INTERNET, Legit ways, and if done right, can make you $1000's and in the rare case, millions of dollars every year.

Again though, this will not happen overnight like most other websites promise. Sign up to my Newsletter for FREE, and I will provide you with real Work at Home Money Making Opportunities. Feel free to browse the rest of this website too with regard to making money online and how not to get scammed.