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How to Be Safe When Looking for Paid Online Surveys for 14 Year Olds

Most people think that there are no jobs available for young people, but they’ve probably never heard of paid online surveys for 14 year olds. There are websites online that allow teenagers as young as 14 to take surveys and earn their own cash. With the help of a parent, a teenager can set up an account that allows them to take surveys daily. While the job does not pay a lot per survey, each survey requires very little time and eventually the money adds up to a significant amount. People can be paid via check, online bank account transfer, or even earn credit to online sites like Amazon where they can use their ‘points’ to purchase items.


The largest worry associated with paid online surveys for 14 year olds is the risk of being scammed. Follow these tips to ensure your online safety before you sign up to take paid surveys:

1. If a website makes grand promises that sound too good to be true- they are probably too good to be true. Surveys are not a ‘get rich’ scheme, they are a way to earn money by taking time out of your day to give your opinion. If a website or pitch from a survey company promises you a large amount of money that seems like it cannot possibly be true, it is most likely a website that is designed to get your information and then not pay you the money you deserve.

2. Credited survey websites generally give you a cap as to how many surveys will be available to you daily, these are based on your demographics. If a website is telling you that you will be able to take limitless surveys in order to earn more money, they are simply trying to get you to sign up and steal your information. Most professional survey sites cap you at 5 to 10 surveys per day.

Always do your research. Before signing up with a professional survey website, research the company online and get a feel for their reputation. Be an informed consumer by always doing your research before working with a company.

 paid online surveys for 14 year olds