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How to Find Affiliate Partners for Your Blog

If you are looking for how to find affiliate partners for your blog, you are not alone. Thousands of bloggers each day start the quest of locating and utilizing affiliates in order to make money from their blogs. The catch, however, is a blog needs to have traffic, readers, and good affiliates in order to actually make money. Therefore, the most important step in looking for affiliate partners is looking for the right ones that you can utilize on your blog effectively.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing, also known as affiliate advertising, is essentially an internet marketing source. An advertiser or affiliate network pays a blogger or website owner money to promote their services, site or products on their blog site. When looking for how to find affiliate partners you need to know the three types of affiliate partners out there. These three types are:




No matter which type of affiliate you go with, it is important to note that all three types require action on the reader’s part. Therefore, a reader viewing the advertisement is not enough – they must click, enter information or buy in order for you to receive a payment.

How to Find Affiliate Partners that Pay

If you do a simple Google search for "affiliate partners" you will find hundreds of options to choose from for your blog, but the issue is some of these affiliate partners don’t actually pay. Therefore, it is recommended for first time users to use bigger affiliate, such as:

Amazon Associates Program

eBay Associates Program


All three of these affiliate partners have records for positive payments and feedback history, which means you do not have to worry about advertising and never seeing a dime. Each of these three also have an extensive database of products that you can specifically advertise on your site, which is important if you have a very specific niche you are blogging about.

How to Find Affiliate Partners: Things to Consider

Affiliate partners do help bloggers make money off their blog, but the issue is using them. Before you start your affiliate program, ensure that you consider a few of the following:

Understand the Terms – Every affiliate is different with how they pay and the terms of their agreement. Ensure you know what type of action the reader must take (click, information or buy) in order to get paid and then understand how much of the payment goes to you and how much goes to the affiliate.

Use Affiliates that Match Your Blog – Use an affiliate partner that actually has products or services that match up with your blog. Readers on your blog will not utilize advertisements that have nothing to do with your blog, because they are there to read about your niche, not buy something random.

Don’t Use Too Much – The biggest mistake bloggers make when looking for how to find affiliate partners is they use multiple partners on their site and then use multiple advertisements. If your blog becomes a hosting ground for multiple advertisements, readers are going to be less likely to return or continually follow your site. It is important to use advertisements with caution and only where appropriate so that your reader does not feel bombarded by purchase options.

It is important to remember while looking for how to find affiliate partners that you understand not every affiliate will make you money the same as the next. Avoid any affiliate partnerships that require and upfront payment or make outrageous claims of making thousands of dollars by posting just one blog per week. In reality, it takes work on your part in order to get affiliate partners to become lucrative., 

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