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How to Make a Blog Design for New Bloggers

Not everyone instantly knows how to make a blog design just from starting up a blog. Blog designs, however, can be easy and quick to formulate as long as you have the basic knowledge of how a blog works, the type of platform and what you are trying to convey with your blog overall.

Preset Themes

Most blogging platforms automatically come with their own set of preset themes. These range from free to paid subscriptions, depending on the platform you are using. While most platforms allow free users to still customize these preset themes, others do not. Look at the theme itself as well as the server’s settings to see whether or not a preset theme is something you can remove, change or even alter before you look into how to make a blog design. If your server does not allow customization on a free account, you will first need to have a paid subscription.

Changing Color Themes

One of the easiest blog designs or alterations when you are looking for how to make a blog design is you can make is just by changing up the color theme of your blog. Most templates utilize a standard color scheme, but the platform itself offers alterations and customizations to those colors within a theme by simply visiting a template designer or other alterations tab in the menu. Change the background colors, header, footer and text font to different styles and colors that suit your personality or blog theme.

make blog designHeader Images

Most blog templates use some sort of header image which is important when learning how to make a blog design – this changes the theme to make it unique amongst others with similar formatting. You can alter the header images in your blog by simply locating the template design tool and swapping out the photos. Turn single header images into two or multiple header images. You can also change out the default header for something that is more customized to you or your blog topic.

Using Custom Images and Backgrounds

The biggest tool you can use when looking for how to make a blog design is custom images and backgrounds. You can take images of your own or that you have found on a sharing site and use those to change your overall background. Stretch an image or tile it across the background to create a custom look to your blog. Often this type of change is located under Settings or Appearance, then Background. By clicking Upload you can load in a new background image to use.

Widgets and Plug-Ins

When people are learning how to make a blog design they forget about simple design factors such as widgets and plug-ins. Just adding in these extras can change the content of your blog and this will make it unique to itself.

Look for widgets already offered with your blogging service or do a general internet search to see what is available. Make sure any widgets or plug-ins you use are compatible with your current blogging platform – this will prevent interruptions in the HTML coding. Use widgets to do things like add summaries, calendars, emails or even contact forms – all of which should be used when you are looking for how to make a blog design since widgets add a uniqueness factor to any blog they are used in.

No matter how new you are to blogging, you can easily create your own rewarding blog design just by following these simple steps and changes. Just remember, that a blog is something for you – not everyone else. So make your blog as unique to yourself as you can. If you are using your blog for revenue, just make sure that the design you use is appropriate, non-offensive and utilizes the appropriate images allowed by your blogging platform., 

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