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How to Make a Blog for Beginners

Though many people read blogs, they usually wonder how to make a blog and be successful. Blogs, or web logs, are websites that written by an individual or a group of individuals, that are updated with multi-media content and personal commentary. Blogging can be viewed as a form of social networking, as blogs are interactive. The most successful blogs allow for reader-author and reader-to-reader interaction, mostly in the comment section but also carried through to other forms of online communication like Facebook or Twitter. Most blogs are text based but are paired with visual and video components to deliver a message. There are many blogs that are like online diaries, chronicling the day to day life of an individual, and there are blogs that are focused around a brand or commentary on one subject.

If you’re wondering how to make a blog, you should begin by figuring out what you want to blog about. Narrowing down a subject will give you a vision for what your website will be about. You will also be able to narrow down the content you must create by having a subject for your blog. For example, there are many ‘healthy living’ blogs that focus on how to lead a healthy lifestyle- this includes pictures of daily meals, recipes, and exercise information. These blogs are focused around the ‘health’ genre and generally do not stray from that general idea.

There are many types of blogs to choose from when you’re figuring out how to make a blog. Consider these types before you beginning blogging:

Personal blogs- these blogs read like diaries that chronicle day to day life, they are a way to reflect on life and a space for the blogger to communicate thing they may not always talk about in person

Microblogging- this type of blogging is about capturing a single moment of your life at a time, through the use of things like Twitter or Tumblr, microbloggers chronicle what is happening throughout the day in real time and in short snippets

Hobby- many blogs are based around a particular genre or hobby, there are blogs about everything from crafting to jazz music to cooking to music blogs

Media Type- there are some blogs that are focused on a single type of media, these include photo blogs or even video blogs (which are called vlogs)

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