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How To Start A Blog And Make Money

A very popular method of making money on the internet is by 'blogging'. What is annoying about this method however is the amount of 'useless' information out there due to people spamming blogs to try and make money by showing you how to succeed with this, whilst the truth is, the method itself is difficult. In fact, most people give up on this idea as the work can be repetitive without great pay. 

However, having said that, there are many people making THOUSANDS of dollars a month with only blogs as they do have there advantages in comparison to a website.

Blogs can be updated easily and fast, meaning it is always up to date. As well as this, the readers of the blog have the opportunity to interact with what is going on by posting comments.

Some blogs get millions of visitors a day and are very successful. So if you have an interest in this by simply writing for money and having advertisements on your blog etc, this can be profitable with determination and hard work.

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The outcome of people making money from blogs usually has 2 end results which are as follows.

1. One Popular Authoritative Niche Blog.

Many people like to specialise on one niche and by doing this, make a huge blog, with thousands of comments and updated content on a regular basis. From this, the blog owner develops a crowd of followers to read the updated content etc. Having a popular blog like this will have thousands of links and rank high in the search engines, getting 1000's of hits a day. When you have developed yourself into a situation such as this, you can monetize your blog with advertisements and affiliate products making you a steady stream of money.

These kinds of blogs are long lasting and will generate money year after year with lesser effort required.

2. Use a large number of small blogs in different niches

This outcome which is probably more popular as people find it easier not to compete too much is to make a series of blogs, in the hundreds. Sounds hard I know, but after time, these will make money. If you target non-competitive niche markets, you can get approximately a 100 hits a day, multiply this by your 100 or 200 blogs, it adds up and so will the money.

It is possible to make small blogs (in the Hundreds) that help you make around $1-2 a day. This all adds up to a satisfying sum in my eyes.

NOTE: Not recommended. This means you purpose is to only create money, you want to build resource rich content which is beneficial to the readers.

Make Money Blogging

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

Do you want to learn how to start a blog and make money almost immediately? If so then you are in the right place. Blogging is a very easy way to develop an online presence and there are actually a number of ways it can be used to generate an income. Writing a blog is not difficult at all, the tricky part comes when you want to turn your hard work into hard cash.

If you are new to the online blogging world then the information discussed below should go some way to give you a clearer picture of your options. Of course any one of us should be able to pen a few words. You will need to understand that to make money will take time and effort, it cannot happen overnight, though when compared to other forms of ecommerce it can seem far less stressful.

First of all you will need to think of a niche in which you will be able to gain a foothold. It is important to attract new traffic as well as keep onboard past visitors. Think of a topic of which you have knowledge and try not to deviate too far. If a blog continuously changes from topic to topic it would not be so easy to develop a fan base. Understand what area of expertise best suits your skills as well as the market.

At the outset do not overstretch yourself. Many webmasters have made the mistake of trying to get too big too soon. You need to start off small and develop your blog. Once you have got a feel for being a blogger you can expand and develop your site. Unfortunately a large number of people have become disheartened by pushing themselves too much at the outset.

You are probably wondering just how it is you can make money through a blog, the answer is mostly through advertising. This can be done in a number of ways so you will need to be a good organizer and bookkeeper. Before choosing a particular form of advertising for your blog make sure you have done your research in full so that you know exactly what to expect.

Pay per click advertising involves having ads placed on you site which when clicked would generate a fixed amount of income for you. This can vary dramatically; it may be only a couple of cents or a dollar or more. There are well known pay per click schemes though it can be worthwhile checking out the smaller players also.

start a blog for profitA popular concept today is what is known as PCM advertising. This is where ads are placed on your blog and you get paid each and every time a visitor comes to your page. They do not need to actually click on the ad for money to be generated. Obviously this is a very interesting concept, but bear in mind that an advertisement agency would usually have strict criteria as to what kind of sites would be eligible for such a scheme. Usually you would already need to be generating a large amount of traffic to be considered.

Another form of money making through blogs are those advertisements that pay a commission if a sale is made after a visitor has been redirected from your site to theirs. The potential earnings can actually be large, it would depend predominantly on the nature of the products that are marketed and sold.

For many bloggers a combination of ad types is often the best road to go down. At least until they gain a foothold online. Remember not to overpopulate your site with advertisements as this can be off putting. It would make sense to choose ads which are in some way relevant to the topic of your blog. Before you begin it can be useful to check out what blogs are the most popular today. This should help give you some ideas when it comes to putting together your own.

If you want to make money online through blogging then the key is often to be patient and also determined. Do not get upset if you only make a few dollars a week initially. Even the most popular sites had to start from somewhere. As long as you are committed and understand the prevailing market conditions and trends there is every possibility you can make a livable wage through your blogging.

These are just a few ideas of how you can go about generating money online through a blog. Of course you may be able to carve your own market and set the standard for others to follow.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money 

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