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How to Make Money On Helium

Anyone can make money on the internet, well this is definitely one way that anyone can do, however, there are little tweaks in the usage of helium that can reward bigger payout's.

Most people give up on helium because it does require a lot of work. In fact, at the start you will feel like giving up. What it requires is for you to write articles on any subject you want from which they create a web page from it. After that, they put advertisements on that page and you get a commission for any activity that results in a click. You should get ready to write over a 100 articles, more than that, over time it will pay off like you wouldn't believe.

Choosing the right subject does make a difference, as you could write an article in a low paying niche which will pay you cents for a click, or you could write one for a competitive niche that will get you dollars per click. get a lot of high paying articles and you could easily make yourself $10 000 a year without ever having to write another article.

You can also make money by referring people to Helium. From this you can earn 5% of whatever they make, meaning, if you referred quite a lot of people, you would not even have to write articles, just use the money that they are making you.

To get a high rating for your articles, make sure the grammar and spelling is good. The higher the ratings are, the more readers you will have, hence, the more money you will make.

Make Money on Helium

make money on helium

This method of making money might seem repetitive and everlasting, but for someone who truly loves writing and determined to make money on the internet, this is the perfect opportunity. It will create constant income over time, and will never cost you a penny to set up.

How To Make Money On Helium is an interesting and somewhat innovative website that can be used to build up income. The site has gone through several incarnations over the years. It began as a website where budding authors could get constructive feedback for a price. Following this version, the website for Helium was reinvented to provide answers to questions asked by visitors. Under the current iteration, articles are written with interesting and informative content, for which the writer is paid using any of several payment plans. The articles provide multiple views on a subject so the information is more comprehensive than from other sites. Here are some of the ways you can learn how to make money on Helium.

When working for the income on, your first step is to become a premier writer. Once you achieve this status, you receive an up front payment for each article you submit. Helium writers earn a ranking from peers. As a writer, you can earn anywhere from one star to five stars. If you have a one star rating, you will receive an upfront payment of $. 50 monthly flat rate per article. Two stars earns $1.00 per article. Three stars earn $1.50 per article. Four stars and five stars earn $2.00 and $2.50 per article respectively.

You can earn money from Helium by taking advantage of the daily share of revenue. You will need to submit articles with quality content and interest. The amount of traffic your articles generates makes a difference in the pay. Writing articles that reach the niche audience; the questions and issues that concern the group is a part of choosing topics. You also need to know how to make search engine optimization and the use of keywords work for you. You can use social media sites to generate more traffic to your Helium articles. Options for various subjects can be reviewed so that you expend your writing efforts on subjects that are needed within the Helium database.

Helium makes selections from the new articles submitted and pays the author one dollar for each title picked. There are particular guidelines that you must follow to make your article competitive. The titles that you write about must be at least twenty five percent in the competitive title group.

You can earn income by writing articles for the market place. Amongst the market place publishers there are some who pay up to two hundred dollars per article when the article is accepted. You will want to be sure to look at current articles on the publishers website. This will help you to determine what the publishers article style is like. Looking at and understanding the style of the articles will help you to construct the articles you will write and submit for publication.

You can enter the writing contests at Helium to make money. Prize money is awarded for the top three articles in the contest. Since there is more than one article category, some writers compete by writing an article for each category. Prize awards range from twenty to sixty dollars per contest.

Writers who manage to keep a five star rating can rate the articles prepared by other authors. The bonus payment is an additional three dollars at month's end. These bonuses and payments may not sound like much, but they can add up rapidly if you keep making the effort to produce and improve your output. The number of visitors to the Helium site means that you are earning income for quantity of clicks.

When you encourage other writers to join with you can earn money for your efforts. The authors that you recruit earn income. You earn five percent on all the income earned by the invited writer. You earn extra income for just inviting another person who is a prolific writer. The more people that you recruit, the better your referral income will be. This can be a nice residual income that comes to you each month.

These methods that show you how to make money on Helium make a multi faceted program and property easy to understand and put into operation. You should make sure that you understand each of these parts of the program so that you are not missing out on money that you could be bringing into your account. As with any program, take the time to study and understand the complexities. If you still have questions, the contact people who handle customer questions should be able to answer the questions that are not answered to your satisfaction on the home page of Helium.

How to Make Money On Helium 

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