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Make Money on Squidoo

Squidoo is a new ‘platform’ on the web which has shot to very high levels of respectability within the ‘online marketing world'. Squidoo offers so many potential money making opportunities, which makes it, stand out from other websites. There is the opportunity to  make friends, add pictures, videos, links, and PPC applications and much more with a few clicks from the mouse. There is no complicated programming or head wrecking methodologies for success online. The best thing about Squidoo though, is that it is absolutely free, and what is even better, you can create as many Squidoo lenses as you want.

You could create 100’s of lenses within months, link tem all together, add PPC app's to it links to affiliate pages and subscriptions and have a huge online empire in a very short period of time, all at the brilliant cost of ZERO dollars.

So even with the summary above, I’m sure your well aware of the capabilities that Squidoo comprises, and with a bit of determination and patience, you could build some real estate within this online community.

Search Engines already have a huge crush with Squidoo, and statistics are showing there will be a long mutual relationship. It is not difficult to get ranked in Search Engines using Squidoo Lenses and if you have many of them, possible extra dollars are at hand.

Many individuals are even saying that Squidoo will be comparable to Twitter but better, and at the same level as Myspace. What makes Squidoo so special is the ability to customise your lens. This does not mean a photo or two, but there is so many applications in Squidoo, that you could make it appealing to the vast majority.

make money from squidooThe Ways to Make Money from It: 

Sign up with Clickbank, search for a product you are interested in and make sure it is a popular product with a high conversion rates, then add links to your Squidoo Lens. You can direct the traffic directly to your own website if you have one or direct to the Affiliate Sales Page.

Don’t fill the page with to many affiliate links and varying products. If you provide customers with too may options, they will more than likely exit the page to go away and think about it, find a different site that guarantees them they are buying the right product or generally lose interest.

Make your lens have a direct primary purpose and aim. If you want to sell a product on ‘Making Money Online Using Surveys’, then make the lens solely about that keyword. This will also benefit you in ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO).

Getting traffic to your lens can be done in many ways:

Money With Squidoo Social Bookmark
Money With Squidoo Social Networking Sites
Money With Squidoo Article Submission
Money With Squidoo Pinging
Money With Squidoo Pay for Advertising
Money With Squidoo

Update you site regularly with Unique Original Content

How To Make Money On Squidoo

The internet has offered up many diverse ways of generating an income. Gone are the days when regular jobs where the only way we could support ourselves, today there is almost no limit to the opportunities available online. There are people that have made their riches by learning and understanding the potential that is just waiting to be tapped. A good example is Squidoo. It is possible for any one of us to make money on Squidoo to such an extent that we never look back.

The following tips and advice should help you to turn your dreams into a reality. Of course do no expect success immediately. It will take hard work and devotion before you start to see the results that you desire.

To start with you should create a lens that has a keyword rich name. This would help to ensure that you get the best possible search engine placement and attract the right kind of traffic that can be turned into a revenue stream. It helps to check out what the most popular lenses are in the categories you post your articles to. By doing so you can be certain that your time is more productive. Understand why it is that certain lenses have attracted a lot of hits. This should include the type of information they contain, exactly how the author has optimized the text for popular search engines and the density and type of keywords. The more time you spend researching the better results you should see.

Think about what would attract web surfers to your lenses. Primarily you need to consider the way in which you structure your content. Many of us go online searching for tips and advice. Make sure your content is relevant, useful, and easy to digest. Use simple English with attractive words and phrases. Do not fill up your lens with irrelevant information that a reader may have no interest in. Ask yourself whether you would be drawn to the text that you compose.

Do not overlook the presentation of the lens. Consider whether to incorporate images and graphics that can make yours stand out from the crowd. Today there is intense competition for traffic. You need to be certain that you offer something a little different. Once you believe you have constructed a great looking and sounding lens then do not publish it immediately. Wait a few hours and then go back and read it over afresh. This will ensure that there are no mistakes. If possible ask others to evaluate it before submission.

Once you are sure that your lens is attractive then you need to develop your click-throughs and links to get to the top of the ladder. There is a big difference financially between Tier 1 and Tier 2.

At the end of 2009 Squidoo introduced a new revenue stream which is called infolinks sharing. It is possible that you can generate a decent amount of cash through this facility. Remember that to make big money often takes many different ways and means. Do not concentrate too heavily on a single avenue.

It is possible that you create Amazon or eBay specific lenses which are significant revenue earners. But this will be a technique that needs to be honed and mastered over weeks and months rather than hours and days. You can easily incorporate Amazon modules into your lens. These should be cultivated with desirable suggestions, ideas, and reviews. You should gently try to coax the readers into buying a product. Avoid the hard sell and use subtle and psychological techniques.

create squidoo lens for money

Another interesting way to make money on Squidoo is to create lenses for affiliate products. But if this is an approach you are considering taking then be careful not to make your lenses appear like spam. There are restrictions in place that would mean your hard work could all be in vain. For example there is a limit of only nine links per lens for a single domain. This means that you need to be more creative in your composition and design if you want to use Squidoo to sell affiliated products.

Your Squidoo lens is a great place to get email addresses from interested surfers. Make sure that yours contains an option list through which people can submit their information. This would allow for you to send information out as and when you feel like.

What about using an RSS feed to update the information on your Squidoo lens automatically? This would cut down the work involved and ensure that the information it contains is always relevant and up to date.

Make Money On Squidoo 

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