It is All a Lie, You Will Not Make Money Stuffing Envelopes   


You only Fail if You Stop Trying

Motivation has a big part to play when it comes to Internet success, or any kind of success for that matter. The problem with keeping and maintaining your motivation comes down to the fact that there will always be problems. There will be certain aspects that will push you to the edge on many different occasions.

Some days you will make no money and some days you will make none. However, I think everyone deep down accepts them days whenever they are initially making money, thus can afford an ‘off day’ from time to time.

The ‘CORE’ problem for motivation is at the  beginning. As when your starting out, your no where close to success yet, but then again, the initial effort can be counted as success in a different context, as being bothered to take the extra step to make income is more than others can say for themselves. Keep a Strong Mind When going down this route for money.

That could be the first point for keeping up the spirits. You had an idea and you have put it into practice, that is a step forward, inspired by your own initiative.

Another point would be to set smaller goals over time and not focus on the desired ‘end result’ that you would like to achieve. Yes, think about it when your day dreaming or  something as it comprises the feel good factor and reminds yourself why you have set out in this course. On the other hand, when it comes to the actual ‘work’, miniature aims, which are easily achievable, will give you a better feeling of accomplishment. Even if this is consists of having a dairy at the side of your desk, that you ‘tick off’ pointers and tasks at the end of completion. I guarantee you that the majority of people do this.

Another point would include breaks. Getting annoyed and agitated will only lead to your frustration, induce further mistakes and cause you to stray off in a tangent, losing focus and accomplishing nothing.

Remember that success does not happen overnight either. It takes time, determination and even more time. If you do not possess patience, then you had better throw in the towel now, as I don’t really see the point. This is the harsh reality. Don’t get me wrong; many people do go on the Internet, try something out and it works brilliantly first time, but from here they don’t know what to do, as they don’t really know how they got there. There are other people who are naturally gifted at this business and dive on in, but most of us have to work. When I say work, I mean work, grunt work and more work, start from the bottom up, and lose money.

You can turn that into a positive aspect, as you will no what works, what doesn’t, have a wealth of knowledge, and understand the market. Once you have accomplished this, you will have accomplished more than the majority as most give up before they truly start. Put your learning into practice and continue to learn and develop one step at a time and success will follow. You only Fail if you Stop trying.