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Your Guide to the Top 10 Online Paid Survey Companies in the World

By now, it’s most likely that you’re about to give up trying to look for the best paid survey site to give you extra income. There is a lot of information on the web and you’re having troubles finding the right company to deal with. But wait! There’s no point of giving up now. You’re about to learn the TOP 10 online paid survey companies in the WORLD.  

The companies listed here are FREE to join, 100% legitimate, and do NOT require you to buy anything! The companies listed here are not arranged in order. Basically, they are all the best.

Survey Savvy is perhaps the biggest and most popular survey company not just in America but also all throughout the world. What makes this survey company so good is that there’s not much complication. Everything will run as easy as possible. Every time you will complete a survey, your pay gets transferred to your account automatically. Unlike the other companies, Survey Savvy doesn’t require any quota or minimum account balance before you can withdraw your earnings. No matter how little or big it is, you can go ahead and claim it. Speaking of payments, you will receive your compensation through check. Every survey pays between $1 and $30.  

During your initial registration, you will be asked to take a screening survey. Once qualified, you can start taking surveys and earn money! Survey Savvy would usually send out 1 to 2 surveys to their members per week at about 5 o’clock in the afternoon. But the quota can increase depending on your demographics. Expect for survey invitations during weekdays. They seldom send surveys on weekends and never on holidays. Before taking the survey, you’ll already know how much you will receive. The price is given on the subject line of the mail.  

Another interesting thing about Survey Savvy is that you will still earn a bonus every time you will refer a friend or an associate to the website. Once that person signs up and takes surveys, you will receive additional $2! The cycle will basically continue. That means when your friend referred his/her other friends, you will still get some rewards but that would only be $1. Well, that’s not bad considering you did nothing. But you have to take note: there cannot be more than 2 email accounts in the household. Your IP address will be tracked and once Survey Savvy found out that there are more than 2 people in the house taking surveys, they may remove you from their member-list. 

My Survey is another great place to start with on taking paid online surveys. But unlike the Survey Savvy, this company offers points as the reward. Don’t worry – your points will later on be converted to cash. So how does it work? Here’s the deal – for every 10,000 points that you earn, you get $10. In other words, that would be 1 cent per 1 point. So for example, they asked you to take a survey that is equivalent to 2,500 points. If you qualify for it, you will earn $25. This will be sent through check as well. Most members earn these points after 3 weeks of taking survey. There are a lot of screening surveys though. Nonetheless, they are paid so you wouldn’t get that overwhelmed.  

Most of the time, My Survey will send you surveys that are equivalent to 10 points only but when you qualify for it, they will send you 200 to 2000 points!  

By the way, My Survey is just the same with the National Family Options (NFO). When you receive a survey coming from My Survey, look for an email address or link that will connect you with NFO. They also give cool rewards for the online surveys you take and they give bonus for referral. 

Brand Institute is one of the largest and leading market research firms in America. They offer branding, naming, and marketing solutions to various companies and business establishments but as of today, Brand Institute is so much involved in the healthcare industry. The company helps health products manufacturers and providers (drugstores, hospitals, clinics, etc) to develop new brands and products.  

Brand Institute offers paid online surveys to healthcare professionals and to the consumers. If you’re a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, and the like, this survey company is the best pick for you. But if you don’t fall to this category, you can still sign up as a consumer. There are a lot of earning opportunities for consumers too. Surveys from this site pay well and each one costs from $10 to $30. Aside from receiving your income through check, you have the option to have received from PayPal (which will be credited after 6 weeks after you take the survey). The niche is usually all about prescription drugs and household products. They also conduct surveys to people suffering from various health diseases such as diabetes, allergy, cancer, heart problems, and many more. Questions are opinion-based. However, the company prefers those consumers who are going through treatments and medications since they will be asked about the products/prescription drugs they’re using. You don’t have to be knowledgeable about medical terms. For instance, they may ask what you think about this particular brand or product you have used, what side effects have you experienced, and so on. Taking one survey may take as long as 30 minutes. Same with Survey Savvy, Brand Institute sends out survey forms within weekdays but they send more. 

Global Test Market started its operation in year 1999. They operate in more than 60 countries and are working with almost 1,400 clients for market research. Furthermore, Global Test is one of the largest paid survey companies so far. Surveys are all about various products from restaurants to automobiles to consumer products and many more. 

This company offers paid online surveys and in exchange, they give market points to participants which are also convertible to cash. But just like My Survey, you have to wait for your point earnings to reach 1000 before you can have it withdrawn. A survey that takes about 10 minutes to complete can cost 50 points up to 100. For every 1000 market points, you will receive $50 and payments are also sent through check directly to your mailing address. 

One of the coolest benefits of participating in the Global Test Market is that every time you will take a survey, you will be automatically registered to an online sweepstakes. They have daily and monthly drawing of lots and if you’re lucky, you can get cash or other prizes aside from your regular income from the paid online surveys. (Ipsos Survey Panel) 

This is another survey company that can be a wonderful addition to your survey site lists. There are a lot of rewards for their quarterly and yearly sweepstakes. But when it comes to the survey, the company doesn’t have so much to brag about. All their surveys are paid through a reward system wherein you will earn points which are unfortunately not convertible to cash. It can be shopping points, discount coupons, and the like. The number of surveys you will get will depend on your demographics. So if this month they’re conducting market research in Ohio and you’re from Florida, it’s most likely that you don’t receive a survey to fill out. By the way, Ipsos Survey Panel operates in over 100 countries in the world.  

Permission Research has one of the biggest memberships in the world – having more than 2 million participants. What this survey company does is to research on internet trend and behavior. They conduct studies on how consumers make use of the internet, which sites are most visited, how people compare web services, and many more. All you will need to do is monitor the trends of the browsing habits of the consumers. All you will need to do is download the software that you will need to do this job. Once you become a member, you will receive free access to various online applications and software. They also have this online sweepstakes wherein you can earn different prizes like shopping discounts and points. (Palm Research Panel) 

What makes this survey company interesting is that the rewards are all cash-based and wherever you are in the world, you have the chance to take surveys and get paid. The minimum payout is $10. So when you reached this quota, you will certainly receive your money either through check or PayPal. However, salary payouts take a bit longer. Usually, they send out payment after 45 days.  

Palm Research conduct surveys on focused groups. Today, they’re conducting different surveys to the US, Australia, UK, Germany, and Canada. While the pay is very low (only $1 per survey), you will receive 2 surveys per day. So that means if you are so hard working and you will respond to them every day, you can earn as much as $14 a week. Another advantage of joining Palm Research Panel is that you can earn more money if you’re going to refer friends to join their rowing community. 

ACOP American Consumer Opinion Panel 

If you want bigger income and you like giving feedback about various products, you can join American Consumer Opinion Panel. You can earn $4 up to $25 by just completing one survey. That’s kind’ a big isn’t it? They also don’t provide minimum or maximum payout. Once you completed the survey, the company will send you a check which you will receive within 4 weeks. They also send money through gift checks to the participants registered with American Express. The surveys are sent using various languages (9 languages all in all including Japanese and Chinese). Aside from answering surveys, they are also looking for participants to test products. 


Spidermetrix is based in Australia and generally accept members (which they call spiders) from the said country but they also accommodate foreign participants. It is a survey company that evaluates various websites. You can earn from Spidermetrix by simply answering questionnaires. Every time you will take a survey, you will also earn some points. These points can be converted to cash and will be sent via PayPal.  

In Spidermetrix, you’re main task is to rate websites. Once you become a member, you will be classified into various categories which are named after spider species. If you belong to the Daddy Long Legs group, you can earn 20 points per rating. If you belong in the RedBack, you’ll earn 30 points. If you’re registered with Funnel Web, Tarantula, and Black Widow, you will earn as much as 40 and 50 points per rating. Each survey takes about 20 minutes to complete. Once you earned 300 points, you can now convert your reward to cash which will be equivalent to $50. 450 points are equal to $75; 600 points are equal to $100, and so on. 

Pure Profile is another Australian-based survey company but it offers opportunities to 77 countries in the world. The survey will be about anything but you will receive those that are connected to the niche you’re most interested at. That’s why it’s pure profile because the surveys you will get will depend on the profile you made – topics you’re most inclined to. How will they know about it? Well, during your registration, you will be asked to enter 9 categories of your interest (e.g. entertainment, food, music, business, etc).  

You may be asked of your opinion regarding a website, product or service, commercial, concert, etc. The fees may vary. It will greatly depend on the duration of the test and the kind of survey. You can earn $3 and up for each survey you take. You will also be entitled for referral fees. Every time you refer a friend to Pure Profile, you will earn $1 until the referral fee reaches $5. The minimum payout is $25. Once you reached this, you can now withdraw your earnings directly to your PayPal account.  

Do you want to earn?

You see, answering surveys is very easy. During your free time, before you open your Facebook account, you may perhaps take one or two surveys. It wouldn’t take an hour yet you can earn some cash. While the pay is a bit smaller as compared with other online jobs, taking paid online surveys can be a perfect solution for your thinning budget.  

They can be a great source of extra income. If you’re a student, you can take surveys and earn more or less a hundred bucks a month for your projects and some stuff you wanted for yourself.

If you’re a working professional, you can also take surveys for your weekly savings. If you’re married or if you have kids, taking paid online surveys may help you with your daily household expenses.  

These top 10 online paid survey companies will not make you rich but you will definitely have nothing to lose.  

Your Guide to the Top 10 Online Paid Survey Companies in the WorldGet to Know the Top Free Paid Survey Sites